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Vladivostok International Exhibitions 2020

The significant International Exhibitions will be in 2020 in Vladivostok (Russian Far East). It will be events of the field of agriculture and food, building materials and special equipment, health and the beauty industry, transport, logistics and security. Primorsky Krai is a strategic platform for the implementation of state programs for the accelerated development of the Far East and Russia's integration into the Asia-Pacific region.

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Invest in YENISEY SIBERIA Region

The Yenisey is one of the longest rivers in the world, which flows along the meridian from the South to the North. It originates almost from the southern border of the Russian Federation - in the mountain ranges of Tyva, it flows through the Khakassian steppes, it is the waterway of the large industrial centers of the Krasnoyarsk region. Yenisey passes through the taiga expanses of the Evenki valleys and the polar tundra landscapes of the Taimyr Peninsula, flowing into the Arctic Ocean in the Arctic.

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