Agency of Technological Development

Non-Profit Organization Agency of Technological Development was founded on May 26, 2016 in accordance with the Government Decree of the Russian Federation. The Agency was established to promote Russian enterprises to implement world-class technology solutions with the goal of making domestic products competitive. The Agency has all the necessary competencies: from the search for technologies to the introduction of finished projects on the Russian market.
On the basis of international experience, we help Russian enterprises transit to new production models. In today's rapidly changing conditions, the only companies that can survive must become flexible, apply new technologies and manufacture only what is necessary, with the rest outsourced.
The Agency's main objective is to find international partners for technology upgrades, form and package the project's deliverables, and find the necessary funding together with the client.
We never stay satisfied with the status quo. The agency has partnerships with many countries, such as South Korea, Japan, China, Germany, Italy, Israel, and others. Today our portfolio contains dozens of ready-made technological solutions for various industries.
We are eager to solve any search or upgrade tasks you may be facing, resulting in an increase of value to your company, higher revenues and a more competitive market for Russian products.
OUR MISSION is to improve the competitiveness and skill-intensive nature of Russian industry through the transfer of state-of-the-art world technologies.

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