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Some of Our Smart Solutions Do Not have yet World Analogues, EU tested !

Our devices help to increase Power Grids Resource & Reliability where every minute of equipment downtime bears considerable losses. 

To avoid costly downtime, they use also our systems in Resource Extraction Enterprises like Oil, Gas, Gold, and Coal mining companies

Modern Resource Processing Enterprises, like, Steel factories and Refineries with its own Power Grids, also use our equipment for Overhead lines, Cable lines and Transformer Substations monitoring. Our solutions Help to Increase companies’ Power Grids Resource & Reliability where every minute of equipment downtime bears considerable losses.

We provide integrated monitoring systems for overhead lines and underground power cables which are user friendly and include various application modules.

These solutions greatly simplify a control engineer’s work. Our devices operate in networks with isolated, compensated and solidly-grounded neutral.

For reliable operation of power substations equipment we provide OLTC Position Monitors and OLTC Controllers.

Our devices can work together with the extremely large range of OnLoad Tap Changers and can be used anywhere.

Using our devices, one can get position information and control OLTC electrical drives under automatic regulation of the power transformers transformation ratio.

Our products meet the highest quality requirements. The devices have European quality certificates.

Fault Monitoring and Control:

Fault indicators for overhead lines

Conductor mounted fault indicators

Pole mounted fault indicators

Auxiliary communication equipment

Feeder monitors for cable lines

Intelligent disconnector for line sectioning

Monitoring and control system KOMOROSAN

Substation Monitoring Control Equipment:

OLTC Position Monitors

OLTC Controllers

Transformer tap sensors

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Company presentation (eng)
A3 product presentation (french)



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