Association of Electronic Trading Platforms

The mission of the Association is to create and provide functioning of a common interactive Internet zone in Russia which will make it possible to join the efforts of all electronic trading systems.

The AETP provides its member companies with the most current and comprehensive information and ample opportunities to sale their products.

The AETP membership gives companies access to a common electronic information space on federal level. The AETP has an extensive network in all regions of the Russian Federation which allows to access to up-to-the-minute information in all parts of the country.

Interactive information system is intended to help buyers and sellers to go step by step through the goods and services supplying procedures. Joining the AETP is a must for those companies who want to develop their business, change sale and purchasing procedures, cut costs and strengthen information security.

Advantages of joining the AETP

For Customers:

  • a quick delivery of goods and execution of work (services) of high quality necessary for production at reasonable prices;
  • spending funds taking into consideration the current conditions and keeping under control sales services;
  • opportunity to increase number of suppliers;
  • chance to reduce expenses (time and money) for contract preparation;
  • possibility to retrieve information (access to the list) on mala fide suppliers.

For Suppliers:

  • quicker and easier way to find new customers irrespective of their geographical location;
  • «transparence» of contracts, appraisal of competitive preferences;
  • access to every trading platform of the country joined the AETP;
  • possibility to reduce expenses (time and money) for preparation of tender documentation;
  • comprehensive information on tenders due to automatic messages about time and terms of tenders and auctions.

The Association provides the following services:

1. Licensing of cryptographic operations

2. Education

3. Admission to self-regulatory organizations

4. Legal assistance for businesses

5. Insurance

6. Partnership

7. Finance / Tender credit

8. Finance / Bank Guarantee

9. Delivery of certified carriers


The Association unites federal, regional, commercial electronic trading platforms and procurement systems.

Specialists of the Association have developed the informational software product Seldon.Basis. Due to its high functionality, it helps to optimize the performance of the various departments of the company.



Phone: +7 (495) 666-44-56

Contact person: Ekaterina Smychek

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