The Russian company Avia Service is happy to offer you the following:

- meeting and seeing off at airports and railway stations of groups and individuals, including those arriving from abroad;

- transfer and accommodation in hotels with meals of the crew and passengers, including delayed flights at airports of the Russian Federation;

- passenger transport for individual and group applications;

- luggage transport on the territory of Russia;

- the supply of on-board meals of scheduled flights and business aviation.

- service aircraft on the apron.

- organization of air travel around the world.

For more information you can view the documents listed below:

Information letter


Site: http://www.avia-servicerf.ru/

Phone: +7 (495) 162-09-50; +7 (499) 343-09-50

Contact person: Victoria Grineva

Contact the company Avia Service

If you are unable for any reason to contact company representative, please, contact the trade mission.