EPK Group - bearings

The EPK Group is leading bearing manufacturer in the Russian Federation.

Nowadays, EPK brings together 5 bearing plants: EPK Moscow, EPK Volzhsky, EPK Samara, EPK Saratov and Stepnogorsk Bearing Plant; 2 R&D centers with laboratories and facilities; Trade House EPK – a division which is responsible for sales, marketing and aftersales technical support. Power of the aforementioned plants allows us to develop any type of bearings in a short time period, possess solid experiences in production and designing of bearings. The main advantages of the EPK are: a) full cycle of production carried out on our own equipment and under strict quality control, starting from procurement of raw materials (steel, brass, polyamide) finishing with assembly and packaging operations; b) our engineering center can develop new types of bearings according to customer’s requirements in a short time; c) the best price/quality ratio.

The product quality and management system comply with international standards (ISO 9001, TS 16949, EN12080, TSI, IRIS etc.) Total staff is around 9500. EPK manufactures a large range of bearings for various industries:

• Railway transport

• Automotive

• Mechanical engineering

• Aerospace industry

• Steel and mining

• Other industry


According to our latest sales strategy, we offer our products directly to the end users excluding any intermediaries. This allows us to significantly reduces the price level and minimize possible risks. To make a first step, our specialists are ready to give a presentation about EPK Group at your office and answer any questions.


Site: www.epkgroup.ru

Phone: +7 (495) 789-74-80

Contact person: Aleksandr Tsimafeyeu

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If you are unable for any reason to contact company representative, please, contact the trade mission.