Proposal to the Investor about the creation of a Joint Venture in Russia

Dear Investors, JSC “Industrial Technologies Park”’ (JSC "Park INTECH") is looking for a partner for joint construction of an industrial facility (in the field of oil refining, petrochemistry, mechanical engineering, alternative energy sources, etc.).

JSC "Park INTECH" owns land plot land intended for construction of an industrial facility. The land plot is located in the Yaroslavl region at a distance of 28 km from the city of Yaroslavl and 250 km from Moscow, one side of it adjoins to the existing railway line.

Was signed a cooperation Agreement between JSC "Park INTECH" and the Government of the Yaroslavl Region.

The land plot has the following characteristics:

• land category: industrial and other special purpose lands;

• total area of 500,000 square meters (50.0 ha) in case it’s needed, the area can be increased;

• engineering and geological researches and topographical surveys were carried out at the site, they allow to proceed to design work;

• urban land development plan was drawn up with permission to build a complex of industrial facilities;

• was issued an order for excavation and preparatory works, including the installation of temporary buildings and structures with connection to the networks of engineering and technical support;

• was agreed the connection of the future industrial facility to external engineering networks: power supply, gas supply, water supply, sewage, railway and road.

JSC "Park INTECH" offers to build any industrial object at the suggestion of the Investor on the land plot. JSC "Park INTECH" and Investor calculate the feasibility study of the joint Project. The calculation determines the cost of the design and building an industrial facility. JSC “Park INTECH” is included in the Project by the investment value of the land plot, taking into account the incurred predesign project costs.

The cost of a land plot is determined on the basis of a report of an independent appraiser on investment value of land plot in accordance with the International Valuation Standards (IVS 2013, London UK) or by mutual agreement of the Parties.

The investor finances the rest of the cost of design and construction of the industrial facility. The investor enters the shareholders of JSC “Park INTECH” and receives a shareholding in proportion to the amount of his investment in the Project. The investor, as a shareholder, becomes a member of the Board of Directors and the Management Board of JSC Park INTECH.

More detailed information about the Project will be provided to the Investor upon a separate request.


Attachment: Situational Plan of land plot location

For more information you can view the documents listed below:

Situational plan
Proposal to the Investor


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