KUBGAZ-OIL - petrochemicals

The Russian company «Kubgaz-oil», a member of the «Neftegaz-invest» Group («NGI Group») is looking for partners in Switzerland. The company was established in 2015 in the framework of the project on cooperation in foreign economic and investment spheres.

The activity of the «NGI» Group includes the investment and trading of hydrocarbons. «Kubgaz-oil» also provides consulting services in Finance, promotion of petrochemicals and support of export transactions. The company works in the following business segments:
• Jet fuel,
• Diesel fuel,
• Oil,
• Marine fuel,
• Gasoline,
• Propane-butane

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Presentation of the company


Site: http://kubgaz-oil.ru

Phone: +7-900-281-18-42

Contact person: Nikolay Plotnikov

Contact the company Kubgaz-oil

If you are unable for any reason to contact company representative, please, contact the trade mission.