KUKHNIA BEZ GRANITS - instant food

The Russian company "Kukhnia bez granits", one of the leading instant food producers in Russia, is looking for partners in Switzerland for distribution of their products.

Key brands are Big Lunch (noodles and mashed potato), Kuhnya Bez Granits (noodles, mashed potato) and Goryachi Polden (noodles, mashed potato, soup, buckwheat), Alexandra
and Sofia (noodles, mashed potato, seasoning).

КBG is #3 in Russia in terms of value in instant food; #1 in Russia in instant food with meat in retort pouches; #1 in Russia in instant food with meat sauces; #2 in Russia in bag–type packed instant noodles.

For more information you can view the documents listed below:

Presentation of the company


Site: http://www.kbg-food.ru/english

Phone: +7(495) 644-32-32

Contact person: Dennis Dorofeev

Contact the company Kukhnia bez granits

If you are unable for any reason to contact company representative, please, contact the trade mission.