LLC «Ship Building Ship Repair-Fleet» is specialized in development and production of air cushion vehicle (ACV).

Production of hovercrafts is located in Nizhny Novgorod. The total production area is 8292 m².

In company more than 90 highly qualified people work, they provide design and production of vessels at high level. Experience of some employees in designing and creation of air cushion vehicles is more than 20 years.

High speed, high obstacle clearance height and travel range up to 750 kilometers – main advantages of our ACV. Our company more than 5 years manufacturers and supplies hovercrafts, during this time we have gained extensive experience and closed many successful contracts.

We present two our products MARS-10 and MARS-25


Air cushion vehicle MARS-10 is designed for comfortable operation over water, overgrown shallow waters, sand banks, snow and any other relatively flat surface. The amphibious vehicle perfectly moves on loose snow, along rivers during ice drift and freeze-up.

Main advantages of MARS-10:

Low noise level

Speed up to 110 km/h

High height of overcome obstacle

Towed transportation

Anti-icing system

Three-cylinder system of flexible skirt


Air cushion vehicle MARS-25 is designed for year-round use on water, land, snow and ice surface, shallows and shallow waters. The craft of this type can be used for transport of goods and passengers on waterways, emergency assistance in remote areas, performance special operations, patrolling and emergency response on water bodies.
ACV MARS-25 has a flexible skirt with longitudinal inflatable skegs, separate lift-propulsion unit with twin centrifugal fans and two air fixed pitch propellers in pressure nozzles, located on each side.

The vehicle has a streamlined hull made of 1561M aluminum-magnesium alloy. The frame system is mixed. The foundations and reinforcements are welded types and the external covering is riveted type. The hull is divided by watertight bulkheads, with aft arrangement of engine room. MARS-25 has a superstructure in the form of a multilayer shell with a light middle layer, made of composite materials. The vehicle has a wheelhouse located at the bow of the superstructure. The passenger saloon is located in the mid-ship. Inside the saloon there are four triple and three double passenger chairs with central aisle. The aft of passenger saloon separates the passenger saloon from the centrifugal fans compartment. There is an entrance to the wheelhouse in the bow part of the saloon in CL, and there are two exits on the sides to the side sections for embarkation-disembarkation of passengers.

Main advantages of MARS-25:

Noise low level

Speed up to 100 km/h

High height of overcome obstacle

Lifting capacity 3300 kg

Anti-acing system

Three-cylinder system of flexible skirt 

For more information you can view the documents listed below:

Mars-10 Videopresentation



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