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The Federal Government’s decision to launch a modern exchange platform is aimed at establishing a regulated commodity market in Russia in conjunction with providing fair market indicators for the most important commodities, and to further promote market pricing principles. Today, the Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (or SPIMEX) is the largest commodity exchange in Russia.

SPIMEX harnesses cutting-edge software solutions to offer a convenient, reliable and transparent trading experience. The SPIMEX Electronic Trading System gives buyers and sellers easy-to-use, remote online access to all the Exchange’s markets and services. Modern risk management and settlement procedures, developed in line with international standards, ensure financial oversight over contract execution and physical delivery.

SPIMEX offers trading both in spot and derivatives contracts. SPIMEX has played a key role in establishing nationally accepted indicators and developing a commodities futures marketplace, where producers and consumers can effectively hedge against price risks and execute their long-term operational and sales strategies. Shaped at the liquid and transparent exchange, SPIMEX quotes comply with the definition of a fair market price set forth in the tax, antitrust and exchange laws and regulations.

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