YUKONA boats is made in Russia

The entire range of YUKONA boats is made in Russia YUKONA lineup includes a wide range of boats, from small single rowing boats to marine motor boats Our range includes 7 series, over 40 models and 6 basic colors High tech construction, high quality and modern design distinguish all YUKONA models that have a unique appearance, an excellent seaworthiness, combined with comfort and safety on the water.

In 2019 YUKONA conducted a production audit and received the CE Certificate of Conformity of the European Union.

New YUKONA dealers will receive the following benefits:
• Profitability We are interested to see your return on sales of boats YUKONA to be the same or above the average in the industry in your region.
• Minimum Order We do not have a MOQ requirement for one series, model or color of the boats Upon reaching stable operation, we are ready to accept orders as a 20 or 40 container assorted of various models and colors.
• Trial Order A few euro pallets fully loaded with assorted models and colors will be ok as a trial order to test your market.
• Territory We are ready to assign the region or country to the dealer and indicate the name of the dealer and his contact information on our website and in promotional materials If buyers contact us from your territory, we will transfer their data to you for sale of goods.
• Product Information and Training We provide information on sale of the goods and specifications, organize product and sales training of your staff.
• Feedback we will provide a prompt and full support for you on all issues.
• Warranty Support We support a 7 year warranty on PVC fabric and seams in all countries We are directly involved in the analysis of all warranty claims, quickly compensate for the identified warranty claims, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Site: https://yukonagroup.ru

Phone: +7 919 389 45 00

Contact person: Maxim Kurbatov

Contact the company YUKONA Co.

If you are unable for any reason to contact company representative, please, contact the trade mission.