Arkhangelsk region (investment potential)

On the territory of the Arkhangelsk region there is a number of single-industry towns, as well as the territory of advanced socio-economic development Onega. Elaboration of projects in these areas provides a number of benefits and reduces the financial burden on business up to 30%! In addition, the region has prepared a number of investment sites with ready-made infrastructure.

A new law on supporting investors in the Arctic region is already being considered to date. It will provide the following preferences:

  1. Insurance premium benefit - the rate is supposed to be reduced from 30% to 7.6%;
  2. In the General Taxation System the Federal part of the profit tax is 0%, the Regional part can be reduced to 0%;
  3. Reduction of the number of inspections by the Control and Supervisory authorities (all inspections will be coordinated with the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and the Arctic);
  4. Duration of inspections will be limited to 5 days (instead of 10 days);
  5. Inspections will take place only according to a schedule;
  6. Representation in court for investors will be provided by an operator of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and the Arctic;
  7. According to the decision of the regional government - the allocation of a land plot will be conducted without an auction;
  8. The customs’ work will be regulated more strictly (limiting the terms of cargo inspection);
  9. From 2021 subsidizing rates on loans for SMEs (for loans no more than 3 billion rubles) will be subsidized by the state in the amount of the key rate;

This law will also apply to projects that have already been started and have no more than 25% of their funds invested.

We invite you to develop your business and invest in our region and we are confident in a long-term fruitful cooperation.

For more information you can view the documents listed below:

Presentation of the investment potential of the Arkhangelsk region



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