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In Yenisey Siberia, the heritage of Siberian ancient cultures has been preserved in a special way, and at the same time geniuses appeared that became the property of modern world culture. Here, indigenous peoples coexist with residents of megapolises and large cities. 

“YENISEY SIBERIA” is a comprehensive investment project aimed at the development of three regions: The Krasnoyarsk Krai, The Republics Of Khakassia And Tyva.

The project was initiated by the heads of the regions and received the support of the President and the Government of Russia. The cooperation agreement for the project was signed at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum in 2018.

The president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin instructed the Government of the Russian Federation to work out and support the proposal in terms of assigning priority status to the Yenisey Siberia project, as well as creating the Yenisey macro-region economically uniting the territories of Krasnoyarsk Krai, the Republic of Tyva and the Republic of Khakassia.

The main objectives of a comprehensive investment project:

• Activation of social and economic development of regions

• Improving of its investment attractiveness

• Creating new work places and tax revenue growth

• Growth of real money incomes of the population of the Yenisey Siberia regions

Currently, the Krasnoyarsk investment project includes 32 investment projects with a total declared investment value of more than 1.9 trillion rubles for the period 2019-2027 and over 3.5 trillion rubles for the period up to 2035. More than 60 companies that are leaders in the global industrial products markets are involved in the implementation of the Krasnoyarsk investment project.

According to the experts, as a result of the implementation of the Krasnoyarsk investment project for the period up to 2027, the following results will be achieved:

• more than 70,000 new work places

• 528 billion rubles in tax deductions

• 250% increase in turnover of SMEs

• steady growth in foreign direct investment

• steady population growth in Yenisey Siberia

• doubling the human development index

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