Information about investment potential of Perm region

Perm Krai is an intensely developing region.

We have made doing business in Perm Krai easy and beneficial for all types of companies. Dozens of national and international organizations making good progress in the region have already had the chance to appreciate its industrial potential, resource base, transportation accessibility, unique natural environment and rich cultural heritage.erm Krai is an intensely developing region.

Through Russian history, we have always been a pillar of success and we still stand true to this role today. Perm Krai accounts for the production of 97% of the country’s potash fertilizers, one-third of its optical fibre cable and one-fifth of its paper. Our aircraft engines propel the planes of thousands of planes all over Russia, including that of the Russian President. The more than 120 large enterprises operating in the region provide excellent opportunities for SMEs from various industries to evolve.

Electricity reserves and free capacities make our region an appealing location to set up all types of manufacturing operations. Perm Krai’s highly developed transport logistics are another factor that company success.

Last year, a new airport was commissioned in Perm. Currently, 40 routes are available to serve the interests of the business community. We have also upgraded the road network both in the region to provide better connections with neighboring regions. We have also launched a number of projects to build industrial parks for existing and potential investors.

Today, Perm Krai is among the leading regions in Russia. Characterised by a mature digital economy, the region has launched a number of high-potential projects to digitalise healthcare, education and industry, as well as to develop smart city services.

Perm Krai is also home to a large consumer market. Around 1.5 million people live in the city of Perm and its environs, while the region’s total population is more than 2.6 million.

And, of course, Perm Krai has always been and remains a large educational and cultural centre. Over 100 years ago, the first university in the Urals was established in Perm. A strong network of educational institutions has enabled Perm Krai to accumulate vast R&D capacity and talent reserves. The whole world knows Perm as the home to Sergey Dyagilev, while the Perm Ballet has been the region’s trademark for more than 90 years.

All these assets are enhanced by a well-developed infrastructure to support investment. We are always open to collaboration with entrepreneurs. That’s why we remain an appealing investment target for Russian and foreign investors and their ambitious ideas and projects.

Welcome to Perm Krai!

We hope that investing in Perm Krai will help you and your company achieve success.

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